General French Language Programs

The following are small group lessons.

Our monthly event: Prendre un café et papoter, ça vous dit? Coffee, cakes & Conversation Session every last Sunday of the month in a friendly and relaxed French environment. For all levels. Check details

French 1

You plan to travel, wish to learn a second language or you are just curious. This 6 hour program (1.5h/week) is for you! At the end of the 4 weeks, you will be able to engage at a basic level with French speakers.


time 6h00pm time TBD time 150

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French 2

You want to improve and consolidate your speaking and listening skills, you have previously acquired. At the end of the 4 weeks (1.5 h/week) you will be able to deal with a variety of social situations with a greater confidence.

time EOI time TBD time 160

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French Master

You want to brush up on your French and improve your confidence in conversation, pronunciation, grammar and syntax. Feel comfortable speaking French in a variety of practical contexts and topics.

Every Monday at 6h30pm. Enquire to join the group.

time 6h30pm time Mondays time 160/month

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French Consolidation

You already have a sound knowledge of French grammar and syntax, with good listening and reading comprehension-roughly. At the end of this 4 weeks program, you will feel comfortable to converse on topical issues with a good range of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

time EOI time time 160

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Prendre un café et papoter, ça vous dit?

Monthly event – last Sunday of the month. Let’s have a coffee, meet and converse with Francophones and Francophiles. Great opportunity to practise your French, meet new people while enjoying a cup of coffee and home-made cakes. Bring a friend and family with you.

Upcoming events:

time 10-11:30am time Last Sunday of the month time Gold coin donation

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