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2018 Agenda

  • Bastille Day Dinner Dance, Saturday 14th of July, from 7pm

Fête du 14 juillet

Let’s celebrate the French National Day on Saturday 14th of July at Le Manoir.  Costs: $60/person. Tickets include welcoming drink and canapés on arrival, 3 course French menu with a glass of wine, quiz and dance. Evening attire / BYO event. For more information and bookings, contact

  • Coffee chit chat / Café et papoter – monthly event, last Sunday of the month from 10 am. 2018 calendar:

25/02 – Topic: Bilingualism

25/03 – Topic: Cultural and linguistic diversity

27/05 – Topic: Mother’s Day in France

24/06 – Topic: French Music Festival

29/07 – Topic: Language week

26/08 – Topic: French summer holidays

28/10 – Topic: La Toussaint, All Saints

25/11 – Topic: Grapes picking season in France

Register here or

  • French Food and eating habits Presentation

French people spend at least two hours a day eating! Their relationship to food appears somehow sensual and hedonistic. What do they actually eat? Let’s discover French eating rituals and how they reveal French society. Join popular presenter Laurence Kuntz for an entertaining evening on 5th of September 2018 at 6pm at Duncraig Library. Register

Please note: the presentation will run for approximately one hour, followed by refreshments.

  • French Stereotypes – True or False? 

French people never speak English, eat frogs and wear berets while riding bicycles with baskets full of baguettes, right? Let’s investigate how the reality is far more interesting than stereotypes, Live and Learn Session Whitford Library, 4/04/2018 at 6pm. Presentation available click French Stereotypes_Joondalup April 2017.

2017 Agenda

Sat. 22/07/2017 from 10h30 am – Prendre un petit café et papoter / Coffee and French chit chat, Enjoy bilingual conversation with Francophones and Francophiles in a French style environment and enjoy delicious home-made nibbles. Gold coin donation for non students. RSVP:

Sat. 25/02/2017 from 10h30 am – Prendre un petit café et papoter / Coffee and French chit chat, Enjoy bilingual conversation with Francophones and Francophiles in a French style environment and enjoy delicious home-made nibbles. Periodic event. Gold coin donation for non students. RSVP: / Follow us on Facebook

Special Guest!! Have you met the mysterious Gruffalo? Do you know who’s going to win the Sports Carnival in the Jungle? Let’s find some clues with Filipa from the bookshop “La Librarire Le Toboggan”. Bilingual French & English Workshop on Sat. 25 February at Le Manoir from 10h30am

Sat. 21/01/2017 from 10h30 am – Prendre un petit café et papoter / Coffee and French chit chat, Enjoy bilingual conversation with Francophones and Francophiles in a French style environment and enjoy delicious home-made nibbles. Monthly event. Gold coin donation for non students. RSVP:

2016 Agenda

French Stereotypes – True or False? French people never speak English, eat frogs and wear berets while riding bicycles with baskets full of baguettes, right? Let’s investigate how the reality is far more interesting than stereotypes, Live and Learn Session Joondalup Library, 20/10/2016 at 10 am   

How to do Paris like a Parisian? Discover the city of lights beyond the obvious sites and attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Champs Elysées. Find out how and where to explore those little-known places in Paris, that are equally as quaint and amazing as the most famous. Experience things like a local; where and what to eat, drink and shop; and discover the best places to people watch in one of your favourite cities. Laurence will share her experience as a local so your next trip to Paris will be like you own it. Access presentation how-to-do-paris-like-a-parisian_french-topics-co delivered on 13/10/2016 at 6 pm, at Woodvale Library.

Saturday 08/10 at 10h30am, Prendre un petit café et papoter / Coffee and chit chat, Come at La Manoir, enjoy bilingual conversation in a French style environment and enjoy delicious home-made recipes. Monthly event, Register here:

Previous dates: Saturday 20/08, Saturday 25/06/2016, Saturday 23/07/2016, Sunday 29/05/2016, Saturday 23/04/2016 at 11 am…

30/03/2016 at 6 pm, attend French Etiquette : do’s and don’ts at Joondalup Library. Test your French table manners and savoir vivre in this highly interactive and entertaining workshop. Have fun with tips and tricks of French Etiquette and understand the do’s and don’ts about French people table manners and courtesy!

17/03/2016 at 10h00 am, To celebrate Harmony Day in 2016, you are invited at the Joondalup Library to attend a special event featuring a multicultural smorgasbord of presenters to listen to and food to enjoy. Hear stories from people from different countries around the globe who have settled in to a new life in Australia, find out how they came here and what they are doing now. A special morning tea with cuisine from these countries will be provided. 

17/03/2016 at 6 pm, French Cliches: true or false? A funny engaging discovery workshop about French clichés, stereotypes & manners at Maylands Library. Library Services – Adult events – March 2016

4/03/2016 at 6.30 pm, Soirée Cinéma at The Pines. “La Belle saison / Summertime”.

3/03/2016 – 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards! It puts French Topics & Co. firmly amongst the elite of its industry.

25/01/2016 2016 Finalist in the Trophées des Français de l’étranger

28/01/2016 at 6.30 pm, Ciné pique nique at The Pines, ECU. Let’s watch “Le tout nouveau testament / The brand new testament”.

2015 Events

French Topics presented a discovery session on Clichés about French people at the Joondalup 12038054_1617530528495558_8731315271352743910_nLibrary early September and a workshop on French manners at Perth Town Hall with Arty Party on 30/09.

French Topics was also at the First Largest French inspired Festival Saturday, in Perth on 24/10. Thanks to all the visitors for their great support to our Language, Cultural and Cooking activities. French Topics’s stall and team were amazingly beautiful!French Festival

French Topics also organised an Italian Wines Appreciation evening (31/10). More to come in 2016 with French and German wines.

French Topics attended the 8th edition of Banksia Grove community market spring in the groveheld on 01/11 at Joseph Banks Secondary College.


Tips and News

Quick and easy ‘Rochers coco. Recipe

An other way to make ‘Croque-monsieur’. Recipe

Delicious ‘Tartes salées et sucrées’. Recipe

Easy ‘Petits sablés’. Recipe

Greedy pleasure of ‘Cake aux pépites de chocolat’. Recipe

Culinary delights of New Caledonia. Recipe

Healthy and funny ‘Hummus de petits pois’. Recipe

Celebrate Easter with ‘Nids de Pâques en chocolat’. Recipe

So easy and delicious ‘Palets au chocolat’. Recipe

Make your own ketchup. Recipe

Enjoy cooking a delicious ‘Fondant au chocolat’. Recipe

Would you like a ‘Sandwich Parisien’? Recipe

Delicious savoury and sweet cakes. Recipe

Boost your brain with a Cherry tomatoes Clafoutis. Recipe

Have a go at the Alphabet with French Topics & Co_2016 

Get your Numbers with French Topics & Co_2016

How do you say that in French ? French body language.

Do you know French manners? Test yourself with the quiz below. Contact us to attend our next workshopFrench etiquette

Question 1/10: If a man enters a restaurant before a woman, he is a boor…True or false?False – Why? Since restaurants and cafés had rough reputation, a man had to get in before a woman, in order to protect her from a threatening encounter. The tradition endures.

Question 2/10: In France, when you set up the table, the tines on the forks should be in contact with the tablecloth or the table. True or False? True – Why? Traditionally family crests were engraved at the back of the family silver, therefore they had to be exposed to be seen. It is the opposite in England, the tines of the fork had to be positioned pointing at the sky.

Question 3/10: When you are invited for dinner at 7.00 pm, it is a must to arrive on time. True or False? False. Why? There’s a « quarter of an hour of courtesy » which implies to arrive at your host’s place 15 minutes after the indicated time. It’s giving the hostess the opportunity to quietly getting ready and finalise the table setting. However, when you join people at a restaurant, you must arrive on time. Five minutes late are tolerated. A phone call to let the other dinner participants know about you being late is appreciated.

Question 4/10: Once sited and before starting the first meal, it is polite to say « bon appétit ». True/False ? False. Why? If wishing « bon appétit » is deemed to be convivial today, it is still out of place in the « beau monde ». Traditionally, this invitation is equivalent to wish someone to « have a good digestion » or « a good intestinal transit ».

Question 5/10: When you are climbing stairs, your sweetheart always manages to follow you. It is to eye your bottom. True/False? False. Why? A gentleman must walk in front of a woman when going downstairs but behind her while going up the stairs, in order to prevent the lady’s potential fall.

Question 6/10: To taste a salad, fork is used with a piece of bread. Salad must not be cut with a knife. True/False ? True. Why? This rules comes from a time when silver cutlery was used. Vinegar spoiled silver. Of course, it was the same with forks but since fork tines were smaller than a knife blade it was less expensive and tedious to re-silver them. That’s why salad should be proposed in small pieces easy to grab. Forget the knife, even stainless-steel ones. Traditions die hard.

Question 7/10: It is a must to wait the hostess starts her meal before the guests can eat. True/False ?
True! The hostess gives the start when she starts eating her meal. If she has to attend some other obligations, she can leave her fork on her plate to let her guests know that they can start eating.

Question 8/10: Four glasses have been placed above your plate. You will use the biggest one for water. True/False ?True. The biggest one is for water. The smallest for white wine, the middle one for red wine. Champagne will be served in a flute or coupe.

Question 9/10: You are invited to a French sit-down dinner. As a guest, you sit down where you want at the table. True/False?False. Guests are seated by the hostess. Generally, a man will be seatted between two women. A gentleman should talk to the lady sitting next to him.

Question 10/10: Bread is served with every meal. True/False?True. Bread is broken with hands, never cut. The French keep the broken bread on the tablecloth or the bread plate, not in the breadbasket.

Surf in French = Extend your opportunities on the Net! 

Place du français sur la toile

According to a 2014 report from the International Organisation of La Francophonie, French language comes in 4th position on the Internet (number of users), after Mandarin, English and Spanish. The study took into consideration the native speakers and the speakers sufficiently proficient to search using French language on the Internet.

The report shows that more than 1,6 million articles written in French are available on Wikipedia, while French books available on Amazon come in third position. French is the third most used language on Gmail and arrives fourth on Facebook.

With 274 millions of speakers, French language ranks 5th on the list of the most spoken languages after Mandarin, English, Spanish, Arabic (or Hindi).

If you needed one more good reason to learn …be assured French language definitely opens up new windows of knowledge and extend your opportunities on the Internet and beyond!


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Did you know?

Why French sounds soo ho lala?

Learning a second language makes you smarter Learn French!

There are over 200 million French speakers in the world

39 countries have French as an official language

87 international organisations have French as an official language

According to the 2011 Census, Western Australia has 2,792 France-born people